Osram Street Light Ledenvo 150W

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16 Mar 2023
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Ledenvo is a led street light or led pju lamp Osram Ledenvo LED Street Light, the best quality 150watt multi-led eye model, super bright led light technology output from the Osram brand

PJU Osram Ledenvo is specially designed to meet all roads for urban and regional areas, a flexible type that is easy to maintain and a type of light that saves electricity and has high efficiency.

The 150Watt Osram Ledenvo street light uses high quality, super bright led eyes, produces a stronger light than ordinary led lamps, elegant and luxurious shape and model, long lasting up to 50,000 hours, rear respirator body for cooling special lights and very sophisticated, strong, economical and very bright, IP66 protection standard, very bright, strong, long durability

The advantages of using the Osram LEDENVO 150watt Street Light products:

The dual power source, AC or DC version provides high flexibility, for the DC version allows these street lights to be powered by solar powered street lights
IP66 protection grade, waterproof and dustproof, reliable for outdoor and indoor use
High efficacy, high efficacy reaching 120 lumens per watt
Long lifetime, high usage power of up to 50,000 hours which also saves maintenance costs
Environmental friendly, no hazardous materials
Scope of applications:

Industrial roads
Parking lots
Residential roads
Rural roads
Product Size: L 690mm x W 342mm x H 98mm

Osram Ledenvo Street Lights
It is suitable for street lighting (PJU), for residential complex lighting, warehousing street lighting or shopping complexes, malls, plazas, sports field lighting lamps, lighting lamps for commercial areas, residential lighting lamps and pier lighting, etc.

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